It’s polpette time!

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Meatballs are probably the most clichèd and misunderstood Italian dishes ever!

I’m pretty sure that the most of you just reading the word ‘meatball’ though of the infamous “meatball spaghetti”, praised by the Americans like one of the most traditional Italian recipes ever but, pssst, let me tell ya, it is not true!

Meatballs in Italy are a super rich second course and every region (or I better say every family) has its own unique recipe. Read More

His majesty the Arancino.

[segue versione italiana]

Every time I think about my home, my family and my landscapes, I can’t help thinking about the food too, with the smells, tastes and noises that come with it. Today, as a good expat, I received the life savior “mom’s box” and I don’t need to tell you guys the deliciousness that was in it! An explosion of perfumes and colors that made me want to cook so bad!

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